Apple Store React native app publish and build

So first i publish list of all commands that i used for success start my react native ios app.
I used XCODE 15.1 and IOS simmulator 17.2

brew install node

# after this go to my github app folder

cd ios bundle install

npm i

# i dont know why cocoapods not install immedently. i added 2 command first before

sudo gem install drb -v 2.0.6

sudo gem install activesupport -v

sudo gem install cocoapods

# i delete this files and after next 2 command its regenerate again

delete 'Pods/', 'Podfile.lock', 'yourappname.xcworkspace'

pod deintegrate

pod install
bundle install && bundle exec pod install
# important for build work. open ReproducerApp.xcworkspace for xcode
xcode menu->product->build

Well, after that, the npm start command started working and I began to see my application in the emulator. And there was also a successful build. I also replaced the debug mode with release and the build also remained successful

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After you have logged in with any apple id on the site / you will be asked to pay $99. I only got this after I logged out and logged into the site.

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