ERROR: could not serialize access due to concurrent


In Odoo used ``REPEATABLE READ`` default transaction isolation. We can find it right in the code

And you also need to understand that any connection actually always opens a transaction, it is also called implicit.

UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, SELECT FOR UPDATE, and SELECT FOR SHARE commands behave the same as SELECT in terms of searching for target rows: they will only find target rows that were committed as of the transaction start time. However, such a target row might have already been updated (or deleted or locked) by another concurrent transaction by the time it is found. In this case, the repeatable read transaction will wait for the first updating transaction to commit or roll back (if it is still in progress). If the first updater rolls back, then its effects are negated and the repeatable read transaction can proceed with updating the originally found row. But if the first updater commits (and actually updated or deleted the row, not just locked it) then the repeatable read transaction will be rolled back with the message 

ERROR:  could not serialize access due to concurrent update

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